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Concert Il Decameron


27 September 2018, 19.00–20.30

Tickets: 12, 15, 18, 21 €

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International BANCHETTO MUSICALE Early Music Festival

Il Decameron
The story of Nastagio degli Onesti

Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barrokensemble (Spain):
Mariví Blasco – soprano, David Sagastume – countertenor, Bart Vandewege – bass, Miren Zeberio – violin, Pablo Martin Caminero – double bass, Daniel Garay – percussion. Enrike Solinís – baroque guitar, lutes and direction.

The story of Nastagio degli Onesti is one of the 100 Decameron tales, which were told to pass the time in a deserted villa among a group of women and men who were escaping the Plague, or at least that is what Boccaccio wants us to believe.

Nastagio is a young nobleman collapsed to the cruel fate of those unlucky in love, falling into obsession and despair. One day, while walking in the forest, he witnesses a crime whose sense reveals itself to him: A girl had rejected the love of a knight, which caused him to end up his own life. Now he is doomed to hunt and kill her till the end of times, while she is doomed to die over and over again. Nastagio will deliberately let the object of his own desire witness this very same scene, which will cause the woman to accept his love.

Like all stories of the Decameron, this one is full of symbols and written in the light of wits rather than morals, and it stands in the sign of the wheel of fortune.

Enrike Solinís & Euskal Barokkensemble follow the vividness of Nastagio’s emotional life and transport it to the audiences with fascinating storytelling skills.

Concert is sponsored by:
Embajada de España en Lituania
Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música

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