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Advent and Christmas Carols Concert

Šventinis koncertų ciklas KALĖDOS VALDOVŲ RŪMUOSE 2019

29 December 2019, 19.00–21.00

A Child is Born in Bethlehem
Advent and Christmas carols in 16th–17th-century Prussia and Lithuania Minor 

Brevis Chamber Choir soloists:

Ieva Gaidamavičiūtė-Barkauskė, Edita Bagdonaitė-Venislovienė, Povilas Vanžodis, Gintautas Venislovas, Nerijus Masevičius

Morgaine Early Music Ensemble:

Alina Rotaru – harpsichord, organ (Germany, Lithuania), Darius Stabinskas – viola da gamba, Mirjam-Luise Münzel – recorders (Germany), Fernando Olivas – teorba (Mexico, Germany)

Shrine of Mercy Ensemble:

Gabija Adamonytė, Milda Adamonytė, Justė Andrikonytė, Povilas Vanžodis, Laurynas Adamonis, Tautvydas Mažeika

The last grand master of the Teutonic Order, Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach, reorganised the State of the Teutonic Order, which then included the lands of Lithuania Minor, in the Treaty of Krakow of 1525. In doing so, he established the secular Kingdom of Prussia. This was the first progressive Protestant state in Europe that was open to changes, and created favourable conditions for developing the Lithuanian language. By the order of Prince Albert, mass held in Lithuanian was introduced first of all in Tilsit and Königsberg, and later on in other cities as well. The University of Königsberg (Albertina) was founded in 1544, which became one of the most important centres of Protestantism in Europe's east, and was also where professionals in developing Lithuanian writing were educated. The most important Lithuanian hymnals were released in Lithuania Minor between 1566 and 1666, whose structure and features were closely related to the development of Lutheran music in Germany. The Advent and Christmas period hymns selected from these hymnals have formed the basis of this program. With early Lithuanian texts being adapted to music by famous German composers, giving them a new semantic character. The program also features polyphonic music by composers who worked in the Kingdom of Prussia or were somehow related to royal Prussia. There will also be arrangements of Advent and Christmas hymns that were sung in Lithuania Minor and were passed down in the oral tradition through the ages. 

Tickets: 5, 9, 12, 15 Eur

Discounts apply to children, students, senior citizens and the disabled. Note that the number of discounted tickets is limited!

The concert has an intermission. Any latecomers will only be allowed inside during the intermission.

Please refrain from bringing children of pre-school age to the concert. They and their families are warmly invited to educational activities at the National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

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